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What are the course requirements and assessments for certification?

The GDS course consists of core learning modules and electives, pre and post-learning surveys and a capstone project. 

The learning modules and electives consist of learning elements and assessments in the form of quizzes.

Overall, the course has 10 components and each one amounts to 10% completion. Therefore, you will receive a certificate of completion when you have made 100% progress.

Below are the 10 main components of the course: 

  • Learner Agreement: this first component indicates that you have read and understood the course components and are aware of the support available to you. This section accounts for 10% progress.  
  • Module 01: Module 1 – Foundations of Sustainability in Tech
  • Module 01 quiz
  • Module 02: Green Digital Design Principles & Practices
  • Module 02 quiz
  • Module 03: Your Journey to Green & Greening Careers
  • Module 03 quiz
  • Elective – choose one of the 4 electives: Green Digital Designer, Green Digital Marketing, Green Digital Infrastructure, or Carbon Accounting & AI

Learners are required to do just one elective, which amounts to 10% progress. You can do more than one elective, but we only one is counted towards progress.

  • Capstone project
  • Post-learning survey


The completion progress bar helps the learners to track their progress.


Some of the components are automatically marked as completed when the learner completes the activity. Some of the components need to be reviewed and confirmed by the facilitator, so they will not turn ‘green’ until after the facilitator’s confirmation. The latter refers to the elective and the capstone project.

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