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How do I get my GDS Certificate?

Upon completing 100% of the course, learners will receive a shareable certificate. The certificate is issued by INCO Academy and is powered by LinkedIn. 

Read this article to understand how this 100% is achieved. 


The issue of the certificate 

After completing the required course components, your facilitator will need to review your Capstone project. Therefore, the certificate may not be issued automatically. 

Once the Capstone has been accepted and your certificate is issued, you’ll receive an email notifying you of this. 

You will need to download the certificate as soon as possible as your access to the course will normally be terminated 2 weeks after the end of the cohort.


Good to know

Please ensure that the first name and surname on your profile in the Learning Platform is your correct first name and surname, as this will appear on your certificate. If you have forgotten to check this and your name and surname are incorrect on your certificate, please contact us using this contact form.

Feel free to share your certificate with your network. Be proud of your achievement!

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