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What is the Capstone Project and how do I complete it?

The Capstone Project is your final course completion requirement and is where you present a practical plan for change: how can you apply what you’ve learned from the course to the real world? The Capstone Project is an opportunity to apply your new skills and knowledge to a practical solution.

Through this project, you will demonstrate your new skills by creating an environmental improvement plan for a digital solution in your own communities and/or contexts, e.g. a digital product ( a website, an app), digital service (online shopping, social media), digital process (virtual meetings, sharing files), or elaborating on ways you plan to raise awareness of green digital skills.

Throughout the course, you can share your ideas with other learners through online forums, whilst reaching out for support and feedback from your facilitator through Weekly Workshops, one-to-one check-ins, and direct messaging.

Join us by adding your own idea or project to thousands of other Capstone projects being created, shared, and executed around the world!

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