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What are the conditions to receive a LinkedIn Premium code, and how can I redeem it?

How can I obtain my LinkedIn Premium Membership? 

All learners who complete the course and receive a certificate are eligible to receive a LinkedIn Premium Membership. Learn more about the course certificate HERE


When will I receive my LinkedIn Premium Membership? 

Graduates will receive LinkedIn Premium Membership access within 4 weeks of the cohort end date. Please note that the timing is not linked to individual completions; for example, if you complete the course 10 days before the cohort end date, you will still receive LinkedIn Premium Membership access with all other graduates, within 4 weeks of the cohort end date. 


When should I activate my LinkedIn Premium Membership? 

You should validate your unique LinkedIn Premium code before December 31, 2024. This premium subscription is valid for one year from the date of activation.  For more information about your gift Premium membership code, please refer to this FAQ page on LinkedIn.


What if I already have an existing LinkedIn Premium Membership?

If you are already an active Premium subscriber and would like to use your gift code, you will need to cancel your Premium subscription and then wait for your billing cycle to end (this can take up to 30 days). Once the cancellation process is complete, you can redeem the gift code to activate your new Premium subscription.

Regardless of your current LinkedIn Premium status, your free LinkedIn Premium membership from GDS must be activated before December 31, 2024 and is valid for one year from the date of activation. If you have any issues with your existing Premium membership, you should contact LinkedIn Support directly. 


Can I give the LinkedIn Premium Membership code to my family or friend instead?

The goal is for you to leverage this Premium membership to continue honing the skills you gained in training and advance your green career. That being said, you have complete control over which account to which you apply your LinkedIn Premium access code; it’s not tied to any particular LinkedIn Profile or email.

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