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What is the Weekly Workshop?

Throughout the course, you have the option to join orientation sessions, weekly workshops and 1:1 sessions with your facilitator. These sessions are not compulsory and do not count towards your completion of the course. However, we recommend that you attend to stay connected with the community and your facilitator, to receive further coaching on the design of your capstone project, and to ask any questions you may have.


Weekly workshops

The Weekly Workshops aim to bring your learning to life. Led by your facilitator across four sessions, you will have the chance to ideate, plan, and showcase your Capstone project with other learners.

The first session will outline the project’s aims and provide potential ideas for you to consider. The second session will discuss planning strategies and provide time to complete the first section of the Capstone template, which guides learners in completing the project. Session three aims to identify pitfalls and obstacles in the implementation stage of your project, whilst providing more time to complete the Capstone template. And the final weekly workshop is an opportunity to share: time is provided for learners to showcase their Capstone ideas and allow for feedback from the facilitator and other learners.

To find event details of the session you will need to check your Learner Homepage.

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